Linear Stepper Motors

Hybrid stepper motor linear actuators are the perfect choice for applications with small positioning movements requiring high thrust in confined spaces. ATO hybrid stepper linear actuators are high performance driving units, which combines 2 phase stepper motor and lead screws to eliminate coupling. They come in four sizes, from 28mm square to 57mm square corresponding to Nema size 11, size 14, size 17 and size 23. Each size is available in non-captive and external linear options. There are different screw diameter and travel per step for your selection. The special design and material of the nut secure long life operations.

The linear stepper motor almost exclusively employs a hybrid design, with two main parts—a base (also referred to as a platen) and a slider (also referred to as a forcer). Unlike other linear motor designs, in a linear stepper motor, the platen is a passive component—a steel (or stainless steel) plate with slots milled into it. The forcer contains lamination with slotted teeth, motor windings, and a permanent magnet. The teeth of the forcer concentrate the magnetic flux that is created when current is applied to the coils. The forcer teeth are also staggered in relation to the platen teeth—typically by ¼ tooth pitch—to ensure that constant attraction is maintained and that the next set of teeth will come into alignment as current is switched in the coils. For each full step of the motor, the forcer moves ¼ tooth pitch.

Model Selection

Nema 11

  • Length: 32mm
  • Screw Diameter: 8 mm (0.315 inch)
  • Screw Lead: 8 mm/rev (0.315 inch/rev)
  • Phase: 2 Phase
  • Step Angle: 1.8°
  • Travel Per 1.8 Step: 0.04 mm/step (0.00157 inch/step)
  • Number of Leads: 6
ModelRated VoltageRated CurrentHolding Torque
ATO-STEPL-2660952.66 V0.95 A6 Oz-in
ATO-STEPL-380673.8 V0.67 A8.3 Oz-in
ATO-STEPL-440964.4 V0.96 A12.5 Oz-in
ATO-STEPL-620676.2 V0.67 A16.7 Oz-in

Nema 14

  • Length: 28mm
  • Phase: 2 Phase
  • Step Angle: 1.8°
  • Number of Leads: 4
ModelRated VoltageRated CurrentHolding Torque
ATO-STEPL-100510 V0.5 A14 Oz-in
ATO-STEPL-2712.7 V1 A17 Oz-in

Nema 17

  • Phase: 2 Phase
  • Step Angle: 1.8°
  • Number of Leads: 4/ 6
ModelLengthRated VoltageRated CurrentHolding Torque
ATO-STEPL-2813333mm2.8 V1.33 A30 Oz-in
ATO-STEPL-2816847mm2.8 V1.68 A62 Oz-in
ATO-STEPL-409533mm4 V0.95 A22 Oz-in
ATO-STEPL-41239 mm4 V1.2 A36 Oz-in
ATO-STEPL-60847 mm6 V0.8 A44 Oz-in

Nema 23

  • Phase: 2 Phase
  • Step Angle: 1.8°
ModelLengthRated CurrentHolding Torque
ATO-STEPL-106546 mm1 A0.65 Nm
ATO-STEPL-1155 mm1 A1 Nm
ATO-STEPL-2155 mm2 A1 Nm
ATO-STEPL-31262 mm3 A1.2 Nm
ATO-STEPL-4280 mm4 A2 Nm