Stepper Motor Drivers

A stepper motor driver is the driver circuit that controls how the stepper motor operates. Stepper motor drivers work by sending current through various phases in pulses to the stepper motor. ATO provides 2 phase and 3 phase hybrid stepper motor drivers for your choices.


  • High performance and high efficiency. The digital stepper motor driver adopts 32-bit DSP control technology to make the hybrid bipolar stepper motor achieve the best output performance.
  • Low vibration and low noise. The method of combining digital and analog and advanced closed loop control system of power angle.
  • Small temperature rise and long life. The current is adjusted intelligently according to the load.
  • Interference frequency filtering. Photoelectric isolation differential signal input, impulse response frequency up to 250Kpps.
  • Strong function and low repair rate. Under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, open circuit, tracking error out of tolerance and other fault diagnosis transition indication and automatic protection function.
Digital stepper motor driver

Model Selection

2 Phase Stepper Motor

ModelMatched MotorVoltageDrive CurrentDimensions
ATO-STEP-B504TNema 17DC 24V ~ 50V0.1A ~ 4.0A96 x 60.5 x 26.5mm
ATO-STEP-B506TNema 23DC 24V ~ 50V1.0A ~ 6.0A116 x 70 x 26.5mm
ATO-STEP-B808TNema 34DC 24V ~ 80V/ AC 20V ~ 70V2.0A ~ 8.0A150 x 97.5 x 53mm
ATO-STEP-M302ANema 17DC 18V ~ 36V0.3A ~ 2.3A96 x 60.5 x 24.5mm
ATO-STEP-M504TNema 23DC 24V ~ 50V/ AC 20V ~ 40V1.0A ~ 4.5A118 x 75.5 x 34.5mm
ATO-STEP-M808TNema 34DC 24V ~ 80V/ AC 20V ~ 70V2.4A ~ 7.8A150 x 97.5 x 53mm

3 Phase Stepper Motor

ModelMatched MotorVoltageDrive CurrentDimensions
ATO-FYTM2207TNema 42, 51AC 180V ~ 230V1.3A ~ 7.0A202 x 147 x 78mm
ATO-STEP-M2205TNema 34AC 90V ~ 230V2.2A ~ 4.8A178 x 108 x 67mm

How to choose a stepper motor driver?

When choosing the right driver for our system, we first need information about the motors we will be using. This is the main important information. We have to choose the driver according to the power stepper driver can deliver to the motor. For example, bigger motor like NEMA 34 has a higher holding torque value than smaller NEMA 17. That’s why NEMA 34 consume more current and we need a driver with higher amperage characteristic.

The next thing to consider is how and what would we like to control on a driver. There are usually setup for maximum current and micro-stepping, about which we will write in own chapter of this article. We can have an option to setup a driver with jumpers or more sophisticated with software that in most cases allows user to setup also other special options such as decay parameters, temperature protection limit, idle current and so on.

Some drivers we can use only with a controller that generates step and direction signals. On the other hand, other we can driven over different communication protocols.